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Globals in CodeResource projects!?

 From: jake… (Swarthy)
 Newsgroups: comp.sys.mac.programmer,comp.sys.mac.programmer.codewarrior
 Subject: Globals in CodeResource projects!?
 Date: Fri, 09 Dec 1994 20:27:55 -0500
 Organization: The Internet Access Company
 Lines: 12
 Message-ID: <jake143-0912942027550…>
 Xref: comp.sys.mac.programmer:118662

 Does COde Warror allow you to use Mac OS globals like randSeed, and
 thePort in a code resource file, like an FKEY or an INIT?

 I wrote an FKEY in THINK Pascal and it didn’t allow me to access the
 global "randSeed" ……Just becasue it was a code resource….defined as
 UNIT instead of PROGRAM….

 Any Suggestions?

 Yes, multi-segmenting is on…

 is there a way to dig around this w/ THINK ?

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Symmantec C++ 8.0

   I have heard that there is a new version of C++ (8.0) due out soon that
will support the new Power Macs.  Has a release date been announced?
Also, does anyone know what the system requirements will be for both PPC
and 680X0?

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Symantec C 7.0.3 and GetStdFilterProc


I have an older copy of Symantec C++ (and C) that’s been upgraded to 7.0.3
using the updaters on the net. In some of my code, I’m using the call
GetStdFilterProc (along with related routines like SetDialogTracksCursor).
With the full distribution of 7.0.3, this compiles and links OK; with the
upgraded-to-7.0.3 package, the link fails on GetStdFilterProc and related
routines. Both projects include the same libraries.

Any ideas?


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Hello, my name is Andrew, and I am doing student research on a company

They operate out of Deleware, I believe.
They deal with CORE PLUS SYSTEM (CPS) (a management information system) and
It is also called ITA Alliance of Companies.

Any information anyone on this kind list has on this company (i.e. past
clients, company reputation, etc.) would be greatly appreciated… even if
it is just a sentence to say you have heard of them and they are a <blank>

Please email responses directly to me at aben…

Thanks again!

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midi and QT 2.0

How can I simply send midi commands to QuickTime 2 ?

Thanks in advance.


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online help systems

I’ve got a Mac and Windows application that I’m hoping to add an online help
system to.  I already have Balloon help, but I need more of a hypertext based
system for more info than Balloon help gives.

Under Windows, it’s easy.

On the Mac, I’ve got some problems.  Apple Guide, which is very nice, isn’t
really an option because few of the people who’ll be using my application have
System 7.5.

I looked at Help on Wheels — it would work, but it requires MPW.  I really
need to use Symantec, but I have CodeWarrior, too — but I’m not going to get
MPW just to get the HOW to work.

I also got info on E-Help.  It lets me use my Windows help stuff almost right
out of the box.  This is VERY nice, BUT — it’s quite expensive (about $2500).
So, here’s the question(s)…

Does anyone have any thoughts on these or any other solutions for adding
on-line help to a Macintosh application?

Thanks tons in advance.  Email or follow-up posts are fine.


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Help! Code Generator Fatal Error???

A coworker receives the following message when attempting to compile some
C++ code under MPW:

### Code Generator Fatal Error
### UnspillReg

### Within PrintTheData__19CMakeFlatFileDialogFi (Error 2020): Register
lockup, can’t use required register ##
### IC = 7078, offset = 19649
### MPW Shell – execution of fluff.makeout terminated

Sounds to me kind of like the code wants to use a register which is already
being used for something else.  I’ve looked at the source, but don’t see
anything obvious.  The source was written in-house by a Windows programmer
and has several calls to XVT if that is a clue.

Can anyone fill me in on just what this error message is trying to tell me?

– Steve Herman – PrISMS
– Computer Sciences Corporation
– Marshall Space Flight Center
– Huntsville, AL

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InterSLIP Control always gives me -50

I’m trying to talk to InterSLIP using the device manager control calls as
listed in the InterSLIP Docs API page.

Unfortunately, any Control call I send results in error -50, "paramErr".
I’m not sure what the problem could be since A) the only parameter is the
csCode, and I’ve tried all those listed with the same results; B) my
device manager calls work perfectly with MacTCP; C) -50 isn’t even one of
the possible returns listed in IM for that call.

Has anyone used the InterSLIP API at all?



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Best method for data storage?

I’m am writing a program to save, retrieve, and sort large amounts of
data (specifically, baseball stats including names, teams, etc.).  Most
of the data I’m working with will be character strings, or can be converted
to characters.  However, not every record is the same length; the player
records vary in length.  I’m doing my programming in Fortran, and I would
like to use direct access files so that I can retrieve the information
in any order (rather than read from the first record every time!).  I
have several questions about the basics of data storage.  
First:  Which takes less disc space, a single character or an integer?
Second:  If I create a direct access file with a fixed record length and
then write a shorter record, does the file still take the disc space for
the full record?
Third:  Is there a better scheme than making my record length large enough
for my longest data piece and then grossly underfilling most of the records
in the file?

I guess what I’m wondering is what is the best way to compress the data
into a file so that I can access it in any order, but still minimize the
space needed.

Thanks for any help anyone might be able to give.

Paul Winter

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Help with GetIndString

I’m working on a program, and I need a function that acts exactly like
Get1IndString(), except that only searches files 1-deep (ala Get1Resource,
Get1IndResource, etc.).  Do I really have to write my own version of this
function, or is there some easier way of doing what I need to do?  

Basically, I’ve got a bunch of STR#’s in my application, and I’m opening
and reading from documents that may (or may not) have STR#’s in them as
well.  The STR#’s will have varying ID numbers (non-sequential).  So, I
may have STR#128, 130, and 200 in my application, and have an STR #300 in
my document.  So right now I’m calling Count1Resources(‘STR#’) after
opening my document file, which tells me how many STR# resources are in it
(the Count1Resources() function only looks at the specified resources
types in the resource file currently specified as being "used" most
recently).  But I cannot then do GetIndString, because I do not know the
ID # of the string itself.  Is there a way to get the resource ID#’s for
the first STR# resource, then the second, etc.?


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