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Pinout for 152-pin duo port?

Anyone got a document identifying the pins on the Duo’s docking port?
I had a PDF file loooooong ago with this kind of info, but it’s long since lost.
I’d be very grateful for any help on this.


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Collections package for 1.1 broken?


I’ve been trying to install the java.util.collections for 1.1 (from the
InfoBus site) on my PowerBook running os 8.6. No matter where i put the jar
or how i attempted to import the package all i’d get were errors. So finally
i ran jar on the archive to list the contents and i got a whole slew of
exceptions. It appears that the archive is broken. Has anyone else had these
problems/ made this discovery? I really need these classes. Where or how
else can i get them?



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Hierarchical menu can display above the text box and dropdown list?

Hi all,

I have problem with the hierarchical menu. This multi-level drop-down
menu is being covered by the text box which is being created below. So
when I scrolled on the drop-down menu, it is being covered by the
textbox and i can’t see some of the menu.

To see the actual problem, rollover on the third hyperlink after u are
in the link below…

Can anyone help me to solve this problem? Thanks in advance.

( The hierarchical menu code can get from )

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Core Foundation: CFRunLoop

I’am searching for a extended docu for the Core Foundation CFRunLoop
related functions; the header files alone are not very helpful in my
opinion. So anyone here who knows where to find a more detailed docu
or who has some experience with it and may explain me what he/she
thinks is most important when using this API.

Thanks for any help,

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Get ATSUFontID out of Fonts Menu

I Have created a menu fonts with
TXNNewFontMenuObject(GetMenuHandle(mFont), mFont, kStartHierMenuID,

Now I need to get the ATSUFontID for a specific font

Any Idea ?

( using the ATSUFindFontFromName will not help since I dont know the
parameters like FontLanguageCode,FontScriptCode etc..
I’m using Japanes and english )

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USB Printer Sharing – does it work?

Not a programming question, but hopefully soembody here will know the answer
anyway. I have an Epson 740 USB printer – works fine. With the new USB
Printer Sharing installed on my iBook though, I can’t get it set up. I’ve
installed the drivers and in all other respects followed Apple’s less than
intuitive instructions for setting it up, but the remote printer cannot be
seen by the iBook. I expect that Epson’s traditionally dodgy drivers are to
blame, but if anyone knows different, I’d like to know how to make this



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How not to allow kext stacking on Mac Os X ?


I’m trying to access a trackball (waiting for HID full support on mac
os x …)
and to do that, I use an empty driver doing nothing and matching with
the device (see VendorSpecificDriver in the Mac Os X USB SDK).

Everything is ok (the trackball doesn’t control the cursor and the
driver is loaded as IORegistryExplorer shows it).

The trouble is when I access the device from user space. As soon as I
configure it with SetConfiguration, the OS stacks an AppleUSBMouse
driver on it. The trackball then controls the mouse and when I trie to
open an interface on it with USBInterfaceOpen, I get a
kIOReturnExclusiveAccess return code.

How can I denie the AppleUSBMouse driver to access the device once it
is configurated  and how can I open my interface on it ?

Any help is welcome.


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HTMLEditorKit in Swing Applet (IE5/MacOS 9)


I’ve had some difficulties to get a Swing applet to run in IE5 on MacOS9,
but it now seems to work. (I’ve had to install the latest MRJ, then Sun’s
Swing 1.1.1 for MacOS, then copying swingall.jar & mac.jar in the MRJ
Extensions folder…).

In my applet, I’ve got a JEditorPane, registered with a content type of
"text/html". My problem is that it shows two "head" labels of rectangular
shape at the top of the panel. Do you know how to get rid of this ?


christophe ollier
Follow-up to

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Quicktime questions – html importer and OS X timer

Hi All

While reading through the QT documentation online, I noticed some notes on
the HTML importer. From what I can gather, you can have QT "read" some HTML,
display the <img> and send the <A href = …" off to the browser to handle
the user clicks.

However, I’ve had a bit of trouble figuring out how one "invokes" the html
importer. I have a loose idea that somehow it involves FindComponent but
don’t really know what subtype etc to use (or even really how to use the
component features)

Has anyone ever used the html importer in QT and can give me some
direction/sample code/pointer to more documentation?

I have some importer samples from the sample code web area, but the best
that I can get here is to have the html source displayed as text as if it
were a movie.

I’ve also been playing around trying to get a QT player app working using
the carbon style event loop. In the olden days, you just gave MoviesTask
some time every time through the loop. Since Carbon is handling the event
loop, the only way I can see to periodically call MoviesTask is by
implementing a timer and calling MoviesTask then. However, I’m really not
sure how often I should be having this timer go off. Any suggestions or
other ways of handling this.

Any help appreciated.


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Installing a PPC Gestalt?

Does anyone have a sample of how to build a PPC Gestalt function?

In case it matters, I’m interested in writing something similar to
IdleTime.  I’m interested in gathering more info than just the time
since the last user activity, though, which is why IdleTime won’t work
for me.  I was thinking of doing an ‘appe’ that would install a
jGNEFilter, track events, and give a pointer to the event data to other
apps via a custom Gestalt.

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