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Qdesign2 Compressor Doesn't works

  Actaully I have written a converter from AVI to MOV.I have also
implemented the compression for Aduio and Video.
  But there ia a small problem with the QDesign2 compressor.
Actaully since I am using an Pure COM DLL I can’t use the Standard
Sound Manager dialog.So I have programatically set all the compressors
settings.All of the video and Audio compressors works except the
  The output MOV file gets created and has a sound track but no audio
can be heard.The file info shows the QDesign Compressor but the audio
level never moves a bit.
  Are there any seperate settings for the QDesign2 compressors that
has to be set?
  Ne help would be appreciated.
Thks in advance
John Stalone

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